Healing Ceilings

Chantal Worsfold


Brisbane, Queensland | @chantalmarie.art | Storybook Illustrations

Chantal Worsfold is a self-taught artist who works primarily with watercolour and ink. Her passion for art began as a young, horse-obsessed girl. She’d spend hours looking at horse pictures and then drawing her favourites. In Chantal’s early teenage years, her love of sketching was re-discovered, inspired by the desire to capture a beloved pet cat, Fluffy.

Now as an adult and a Vet student, it’s no surprise that her favourite subject to paint is still animals! After sharing her art on public platforms, people began to express interest in her story-book style illustrations. Chantal also loves and works extensively with school-aged children. Her aim is to use these illustrations to bring joy and inspiration to children who are healing.

‘I’m captivated by lines, shapes and colours. I use my art as a way to celebrate creation and bring joy to people’ – CW

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