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'I prefer not to use a paintbrush'
Claire Rackley

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ABOUT Claire Rackley

Claire Rackley is an emotive expressionist artist who paints big heart topics on the canvas through rich colours and grounding textures to bring beauty, joy and peace to the viewer.

Claire is a self-taught artist with an Industrial Design and Education background. She is originally from South Africa but has found home in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

In 2015 Claire’s art career began when she used art as therapy to heal from brain and spine surgery for Chiari 1 Malformation. Over time people began to ask to purchase her work and she began selling her art in retail in 2018. Claire currently has pieces hanging for sale in The Creative Collective Brisbane.

Once Claire was over most of the intense fatigue and aftereffects from surgery, she combined her passion for art & design with her nemesis… white ceiling tiles! Claire saw a great need for colour in many medical spaces and from her own need created ceiling art which she donated to the RBWH in 2019. After a viral Facebook post, many media reporters including 7News and ABC Radio asked to interview her for her out of the box thinking, calling her ceiling art a ‘healing ceiling’. Like everything else, the initiative was paused due to Covid however, Claire’s wall art continued to sell over that time, and she continued to refine the ceiling art concept.

In 2021, Claire officially launched Healing Ceilings, a ceiling art gallery that collaborates with artists from all over Australia to bring colour and joy into medical spaces that facilitate healing. Mental Health is a big topic on everyone’s lips and a positive distraction through beautiful art might just be the key that their patients need. Anyone can be a part of the #healingceilingmovement.

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Beautiful art positively impacts HEALTH & WELLNESS. Claire Rackley aRT just happens to sell beautiful art.
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