Healing Ceilings

Elissa Parsons


Melbourne, Victoria | @graceworthcourage | Wonder and Wellness artist

Elissa is an all-round creative with experience in teaching, song writing, singing and leading creative teams. In the last few years, she felt the prompt to express a new facet of her creativity through painting. As COVID-19 hit, she took the opportunity to share her emerging visual art, with a focus on cultivating wellness and wonder through her journey.

Elissa’s inspiration comes from nature and through abstracts she has the freedom to explore from her reflections and life experience. Her aim is to convey the feelings of calm and happiness through her art. Knowing the impact art can have on the emotions and healing, Elissa is excited to create pieces that connect on a personal level and inspire wellness and wonder in everyday life. 

‘My heart and soul is in every brushstroke of my paintings. Each one represents a point of growth and surrender’ - EP

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