Healing Ceilings

RAchel Ross


Adelaide, South Australia | @rachelrossartist | Playful Native Artist

Rachel is a South Australian coastal based artist who is a passionate lover of our land and sea, who delights in bringing colour and joy into spaces with her vibrant work.

Specialising in acrylic, watercolour, landscape, animals, floral and seascapes she fuses these styles together with bright and bold brushstrokes, bringing dreamy and whimsical fun into her paintings.

She is a Mother to four young children, an art teacher for both adults and children, illustrating her first children’s book and involved closely with kindergartens and schools for things such as murals, and as their “artist in residence’.

Her love of working with children, and her experience in many healing spaces with her own families’ health journey gives her a deep understanding and drive to provide colourful and joy-filled work in these important spaces.

“If I’m not playing in the ocean with my family, out hiking in the wild or sitting under a sunset, I’ll be painting them!" – RR

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