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Wellness Workshops

We all know the saying ‘A happy wife = a happy life’. Well, if that’s the case at home isn’t it true in the workplace too? How happy are your workers? Is your team united? Let us help you love on your people. We offer two types of wellness workshops that we know that you will love.

Some topics include:
Identity – Pot Painting
Letting Go – Canvas Art
Start Again – Writing Mache’

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Body and Mind workshop

The ‘Body and Mind workshop’ (just art) is broken into two parts for your team. This workshop includes a team building exercise as well as individual quiet painting time. A lot of the feedback we have received is that the quiet painting time is the best part of the day (even the non-painters have said this!)

Body, Mind and Spirit workshop

Additionally, the ‘Body, Mind and Spirit workshop’ (art & spirit) brings in a spiritual component based on traditional Christian principles. The spiritual component can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your group. These workshops are particularly popular amongst Christian schools looking to run a Spiritual Retreat for their staff members. We can base these workshops around the theme of your retreat.

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