Healing Ceilings

Yeonjoo Park


Melbourne, Victoria | @yeonjoo_park | Abstract Landscape Artist

Yeonjoo is Melbourne based artist and began sealing ethereal moments on the canvas since 1999. Paint and paintbrushes took her from Seoul to Melbourne in 2003 to expand and deepen her study with a Masters in Fine Art.

Her journey of art has always been influenced by her faith and her inspirations from daily life.  She captures the ever-changing cloud and the shifting skies where she deliberately wishes to create a place of safety for the mind to become peaceful. The works are mostly reproduced from her daily inspirational landscapes and transforms to simplicity for viewers to expand their own imaginary perspective. She has a passion of sharing a space of peace and happiness, beauty and grace through her abstract dreamscapes.

‘Seeing the beautiful colours in the sky makes me so excited and makes my heart pound. I am always passionate about supporting others by sharing positive energy through my art’ – YP

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