Healing Ceilings

Our Story

‘I was a patient that really needed this product. That is why I made it’​
Claire Rackley
Brain & Spine surgery at RBWH for Chiari 1 Malformation in 2019

Healing Ceilings is a Moreton Bay based business operating and manufacturing on Yugerabul Country.


Founder Claire Rackley had brain and spine surgery in 2015 and ceiling art came out of her own patient need. In the neurological ward Claire saw very sick people and even though she was unwell too, Claire wanted to help them. At the time she had to relearn to walk, see and swallow so obviously making a difference was impossible. One patient across from Claire begged to see the sun so Claire asked her husband to bring in a colourful A4 picture to stick on the wall beside the patient. The patient’s demeanour dramatically changed, and Claire witnessed already then, the power that colour has on a person’s health.

Healing Ceilings mission is to bring colour into spaces that need it by adding Australian fine art onto the ceilings of hospitals and the ceilings of commercial spaces. Every white ceiling is our canvas, and we have 12 artists and photographers on our team. Art curation, customisation, and if necessary, completely new bespoke designs are possible using our design services. The art is reproduced onto two types of ceiling tiles to cater for suspended ceiling frame ceilings and plasterboard ceilings.


At HEALING|CEILINGS our motto is to ‘LIVE LIFE BEAUTIFULLY’ which is where beautiful, joyful, and soothing art fits into the equation. The ‘healing’ in HEALING|CEILINGS is because our tiles are medical grade acoustic tiles which means that they are anti-microbial and absorb sound. There is research to suggest that the act of looking up improves brain health and a beautiful environment improves mental health and wellness. Not only that, but art has been known to connect people. Art connects a person to nature, people, culture, spirit and emotions.


After our first installation at the RBWH, HEALING|CEILINGS featured on multiple news programs and radio stations. The ceiling art was renamed almost as if by mistake by 7News as ‘healing ceilings’. In 2021 Healing Ceilings was officially born and we have so far installed in 4 large hospitals, 1 rural hospital and 2 medical practices.


At HEALING|CEILINGS we bring connection into spaces of disconnect.

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