Healing Ceilings

7 news report on Healing ceilings. our first installation at rbwh
ABC Radio Brisbane interview with Healing Ceilings


“… I love this. As someone who has spent a lot of time in hospitals and doctors waiting rooms, it was the artwork on the walls that occupied my mind and not the endless conversation about me (as an abstract e.g. blood work, test results, symptoms). Art is sooo important to the healing process and many new doctors surgeries are only posting advertising. Spinal ward ceilings are blank and depressing, good on you for making a difference.”
Danling X
“I spent months in the PA and RBWH and there is nothing so depressing as seeing those white ceilings. I wasn’t allowed flowers either as I was neutropeanic going through chemo, then a transplant. I love the idea of coloured tiles especially ones with happy images...”
Janelle P
“As an ex ICU nurse, I say thank you! What a wonderful thing you have done.”
Kel M
“… How absolutely wonderful! You are totally correct that a view or just an image can change one’s mental attitude (for want of a more technical description) and improve recovery. This was proven in a study years ago when long term patients were given a room with a window and improved far quicker than patients in rooms without windows. Well done to you. I wish you well on future ceiling art.”
Tina S
“I love this. Anything to help humanise the experience of being in hospital (I’m a cardiac nurse). Thank you for doing this and for sharing.”
Robert C
“… What an unbelievably brilliant yet simple idea. Well done on thinking it and amazingly done on executing it. I can’t even imagine how many people’s lives you will benefit. Thinking even of the visitors whose days will be brightened looking at those panels while they visit unwell family and friends. Children’s hospitals so so need this. Hopefully your idea will spread far and wide.”
Shelley R
“Thank you for making a difference. It should be in all areas of hospitals, I had a procedure before heart surgery where I had to lay flat for a certain period of time. Looking at your art would have been so much nicer. Of all the times I have been in hospital (which is numerous) I have never seen such an innovative idea put into practice.”
Melissa L
“ As a former Neuro patient in ICU and many hospitalisations since I totally get this. Awesome work… you put into action what’s been on my mind for so long.”
Jimmy W


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“This is amazing. After waking from my coma, for weeks I didn’t have the strength to move let alone roll over into a different position. Especially being trapped to a dialysis machine unable to move about, I have stared at many ceilings for hours on end. If I had these to look at I would have found some peace and normality in what was my darkest hours. Good work, this is truly amazing.”
Faye S
“Towards the end of being unconscious for three weeks, I spent a lot of time looking at the ceiling. At the Squares. There some flies or moths. I was scared when they came too close, but terrified that they would go and I wouldn’t be able to see them. … Pictures would have been wonderful. I love this.”
Laura B
“Wow… just totally amazing. Being a brain tumour and breast cancer survivor among many other health issues I have spent a lot of time staring at the ceilings of many medical venues. This is simply fantastic.”
Ann Y
“This is amazing! My dad died from a GBM4 and how amazing would it have been for him to have something besides 4 white walls to stare at! Thank you for the changes you’ve made, this gives hope when there is no hope left.”
Aileen W
“… I have stared at those ceiling tiles at the RBWH soooooo many times in different departments… Renal Dept. would appreciate this idea so much I’m sure. And so many areas of the hospital would be appreciative. I used to count the tiles! How boring is that. These beautiful tiles can let your imagination wander to more pleasant places. What a lovely thing to do for patients. Thanks so much!”
Christine Q
“Such a simple idea making the world of difference to many I’m sure. Amazing”
Jacqueline C
“This is awesome. I’m often in a hospital, dentist chair, or even in the doctors for a routine check. I often wonder why they don’t decorate the ceiling so we have something to look at to pass the time, whether it’s long term or short term. Good on you for making a start on this. Hope it spreads through all medical facilities.”
Lynette M
“…What an amazing story. You are an inspiration in more ways than one. I can’t wait to see you progress through to the next stage. I had 103 days in ICU where for a long time I was totally paralysed with GBS. This time was made easier with a wall of photos my family installed for me. It made me more determined to get out of there and back to normality. Fortunately I have made a 98% recovery.”
Felicity N

Waiting rooms and recovery bays can be scary and even lonely for some patients. Let's work together to bring them a joyful distraction.

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